You’ll have to keep investigating. If it’s a one off, and everything else in your tank is otherwise good (which from what you have said, it might not be) then they will likely make a full recovery, but there are a lot of “ifs” here. You can even use hotwater and soap, but if you do, make sure you rinse incredibly thoroughly. All the decayed tissues and plants of course exacerbated an already skewed ecosystem. He died after some time of struggling. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Sorry, I have another question. A test kit will confirm this. He was very small, and in a 29 gallon tank with other small goldfish. Comments like these drive as to keep making more awesome content! Testing your water will also provide clues as to whether or not you should keep the shells. i dont know what else to do besides start this whole tank from scratch. 2.5 gl tank, small filtration on side of tank. – A 7 gallon is too small for the majority of fish, especially goldfish. By the time you know they have it, it … Unfortunately, I can’t diagnose your fish over the internet have you done the basics listed in this article like use an aquarium test kit to test your water? I have asked every question you can think of to petsmart people and done research and nothing I do seems to work. Before you purchase any new fish for your aquarium, ask about their compatibility with the other fish in your aquarium. You have to ensure that you are feeding your fish in a healthier way. Many fish in a small aquarium will breathe faster than the rate of oxygen replacement. It always surprises a beginner just how little food fish actually eat. My water hardness seems to be a bit high, and my boyfriend has bought a water hardness reducer thing ( not sure what it is, it looks like a fabric bag with yellow stones in it). Also, it sounds like you had hardy fish your description of your previous two fish sounds like it came down to luck. Your fish are dying because your tank is overstocked and probably dirty. This was 10% once a week. I think I mentioned but am not sure… we have two GloTetras in a 10 gallon tank. My fish keep dying in my 5 gallon tank. Your goldfish might be less than 2 inches now, but it can grow to a whopping 10 inches! Your email address will not be published. To put it simply, whatever goes into your fish must come out. Or you can read about planaria, which is a pest. Thank you!! Could the flow be what is stressing these ti fish? When they arrived I made the mistake of not quarantine them. We just cleaned the tank and put a new fish in today and our older fish died about 3 months old. We have since been and had our water checked and have been told it is ok, we have done the water changes and have since left it for a while. I don’t understand, I have kept fish before with out issue in smaller tanks but this has me baffled, please advise Thanks, George. Did you cycle your tank? Ich is a parasitic infection that fish contract from the others. You’ll need to experiment to find the right length to stick it out. Your fish, on the other hand, must swim in it. After starting with guppies and losing all but one gradually, I bought 6 neon tetras and all has been well for about 3 months. The fry are also still alive and growing. It will take you through the steps to keeping your fish safe throught the cycling process. It was a new tank .After 4 days .. fish started dying .. now after two weeks, only 40 survived . Did I disturb the gravel too much and stir up something? If you made an error that lead to your fish dying, don’t beat yourself up over it. Are you using enough dechlorinator? If you or your readers have any favorite resources to share i would be so grateful. hello, i have a on going problem. the next day my sister fish was dead I didn’t think much of it cause her fish was small so we got her a new fish. I’ve noticed that the gourami , who has survived through it all, tends to hang out on the far side of the tank behind a large plant. Without food ich will starve and once it completely dies off, you should be good to add your new fish. Please help me understand what I’ve done wrong. So what I understand from your comments, that, even fine polishing filter pad does not have any effect on colonize and growing up of nitrifying bacterias in bio-medias inside the bio-filter. I’m thinking about soaking all plants in ParaGuard or antibiotics or something similar that will kill everything, before I plant them, so I won’t have to worry about harming the fish. I don’t understand what happened, the fish people at petco don’t know and I can’t figure it out. We’ve had our tank for a year now, been through so many fish bc they all die within a matter of months, specifically the angel fish. I fed them once a day, i use prime as a declorinator. Thread starter Melia; Start date Mar 6, 2019; Tagged users None Mar 6, 2019 #1 Melia Member View Badges. I have brine shrimp eggs (not sure what the hatch rate is) and I have spirulina to feed them. Update 3: The closest fish store is over two hours away so talking … When it switches from “Ahhhh panic, cycle!” to “I can sit back and enjoy my fish” it will be worth it. I like to keep them as algae eaters because I’ve been told a 7 gallon is too small for a pleco or other algae eaters. On your pre-cycled gravel, was it purchased in a bag dry? Yesterday I did a 5G WC, today 1 gourami died and the other 2 don’t look that good. So I went and bought a Molly to take care of the guppy fry (still not here yet by the way). I do water changes weekly, though I may be doing more than 20%. The first thing you have to know is where to look. What am I doing wrong? I only ask as a week cycle is incredibly short unless you have taken specific measures to speed the cycle up. It must be either 1) over dosing Prime or 2) the used fish tank water from the established tanks has bio/bacteria in the water column. If you have a filter with disposable filter cartridge, these are a somewhat of a scam – every time you throw out your filter, you are throwing out the good beneficial bacteria attached. His nose is on the bottom of the 10 gallon aquarium and his body is free floating vertically above this. Dear sir I am from Rajiv Gandhi University, Arunachal Pradesh, India and I am working on some of the hill stream fish in captivity, so as I am new to it the fish are acclimatize ,and maintained but as the winter season came the fish started dieing and my observation on special fish Botia rostrata found to be dying out due to diseases so how to maintain them. I felt it was probably stressing out my fish to keep going in there with a net, so I bought 3 assassin snails. However, when choosing a tank mate, you will have to be careful. All of a sudden I have one black molly that was looking fat and healthy and within a few days it lost weight, was sitting on bottom of tank and looked like it had a bent backbone. Did you cycle your tank? This is just as important as nitrite and nitrate. This RAS project runs completely bio-secured environment. Another extremely common form of death is overfeeding. Is there a different brand that is more accurate? Same goes for stripping back the tank. You must find a suitable fish tank for your fish. Believe it or not, you might not be able to add fish to your new aquarium for a few weeks. However, when choosing a tank mate, … That’s awesome to hear that you are looking to improve your fish keeping skills, it’s a tricky hobby, especially when many big box chain pet stores don’t train their staff correctly. Today we bought 4 koi fish while we are visiting someone and we live an hour from where our pond is. Hi Ian, Well based on your suggestion I cut back the air stones to about 20% total output and cut back the filter flow by 10% And this makes For a much calmer tank, I can’t believe how much the air stones @100% disturbed the water! For a fish-in cycle, check out this guide. Firstly, welcome to the hobby. You put way too many in the tank. What can be the reason for it and earlier few days they looks all fine even some platies give birth too. I need answers we payd alot and could loose all our spended money in a matter of a day. This waste quickly fouls up your water and before long, becomes toxic, killing your fish. Any advice would be appreciated. I got my fishtank yesterday. I started losing several guppies almost daily. So making sure our corals are well-nourished, fish poop and missed food are not enough, goes a long way in preventing corals from dying due to unknown causes. Hi so I have a 10 gallon tank with one goldfish. Hi my name is Kendall and I brought a fish betta fish he died after 2 months and then a friend of mine brought two more fish not bettas but Black Moor goldfish and they brought two of them for me that was a week and a half ago this morning I found one of them dead what I’m doing wrong. … My local fish shop told me to leave it run for 2 weeks and then add some hardy fish to help cycle the filter. If you have a sponge filter, you would run a new, second sponge filter at the same time for about a month before removing the old one. If you are extra concerned, there are O2 tests available, but in most instances, I wouldn’t even bother. There is unfortunately a lot of misinformation floating around. Aquaclear, or whoever makes the aquaclear filter and supplies that go with it. Now their products are some of the worst performing on the market with incredibly poor quality control. Today is monday and it looks worse than it did on saturday. Your email address will not be published. I don’t know if plastic will absorb the bleach or not. Can I add plants before the tank is cycled or should I wait until after. It’s never easy saying goodbye. Unfortunately, you have not given me enough direction to identify why your fish are dying. Grab a test kit to make sure. To a beginner, it could look like your fish died for no reason whatsoever. 6. What I understand, Ammonia tolerance is not same for Goldfish as I have seen in Tilapia. It takes time to establish the biological balance in an aquarium. White cottony material tufts on the gills, skin or mouth then that is a sign of fungus. Good. Good morning, First, I would like to thank you for all your help and guidance and let you know it’s appreciated greatly. For instance, Aqueon used to be an amazing brand, making many products in italy. Your fish on the other hand, must swim in it. Healthy stress-free fish have a stronger immune system. Thanks for your input, you saved the lives of many fish! but goldfish can grow up to 15 in, sometimes larger, not 10, and can live to 30 years, not to 10 years. Where one fish may thrive, another fish may become stressed and eventually die. Unfortunately, most aquarists have the tendency of providing the fish with more and more food throughout the day. Take a single betta for instance – you know those micro-pellets they eat? Sir tomorrow i bought a 6 fish tank then the seller aad one goldfish from another tank in the morning when I got up I saw that a goldfish is being died then I paased away her from the tank after that at this time i see that two fishes is olready died what can i do sir for them they are dying one by one i don’t have any idea for their survival this is my first experience i am so sad sir pliz help me i want to survive my left four fishes. I looked it up and found swim bladder disorder. Latest theory from LFS is anaerobic pockets in the substrate (2-3 inches deep). We have cut back on how much they are fed. Thanks in advance! I can’t wait to teach you about the hobby! Hi. While Daisy is about 6.5 inches long! We started with piranas we had 10 all died after about 6 months, then we started with community fish, tetras, cat fish, angels etc however there are 3 of the original community fish still alive, they are the soul survivors! I just took all the plants out, rinsed them and vacuumed the bottom on saturday. It will take a short time before you start observing the many negative effects of poor water quality in your aquarium tank. Average fish size was 32gm each and total 18 fish weight was 575 gm at the time of stocking. In the following, I will present you 10 most common reasons why aquarium fish die and will give you some tips on how to prevent fish from dying. It will not look good the next morning when you wake up to find that the fish are dead. For most people, I recommend the API master test kit, it will last for years and has everything most tanks need. I suggest following my step by step guide on how to cycle a tank properly, it will give you the best foundations for keeping fish alive. 18 Tilipia to 40 gallons is a much better ratio, but even then, as they grow, it’s likely you would have seen more deaths if you continued. Love your blog, well written and extremely helpful, thanks! It’s so sad. Grow them up to 12 -15 gm in 65 days and sell it to market. This guide should help you understand ich and it’s lifecycle: Essentially, if the tank is empty, you can raise the temperature and wait. I stocked 18 Tilapia fishes in 150 liter water( 40 gallon) . Within 3 months my fishes started dying. Thanks for your reply. Following on the assumption that Prime was eliminating oxygen from the water column I added a small air pump with airstone and immediately the fish perked up and have been thriving ever since. I don’t really believe in them since I have seen tanks cycle as quick or as slow without these, they do not appear to be responsible for speeding up tanks. The nitrates/nitrites reading ok, 55 gallon tank with suitable filter and enough air for all 8 fish. It is for this reason that you should acclimate any fish that you bring home before adding them to your aquarium. i have done partial water changes, put stress coat and amno lock in the tank every time i add water. Worse? You can test the water yourself using an aquarium test kit like this one. My fish have been dying 1 at a time. Is this what is killing her fish? hi i have a ten gallon tank and for my science fair im doing aquaponics so i got 4 fish and very quickly( 1 hour after bringing them home ) 1 died so we went to the fish store and got another one but while we were gone another died so we were left with three. I’ve had him for about a year and he was a great fish. I “cycled” this tank for a month before adding fish. It’s likely you didn’t cycle your tank. I gave up and totally dumped and recycled my tank after my first major die-out (which I think may have been due to adding a diseased fish.) The air gasping was likely due to low oxygen levels paired with burned gills from high ammonia. In other words, you saved the lives of many fish in small containers, bowls, cups jars!, filter too strong or wrong side stick to it, these are elevated you. Water does measure 5 ppm of nitrate wouldn ’ t “ live happily ” general. Not getting any better an existing tank that had a small aquarium will soon turn toxic, killing fish! At this rate ill have no fish by next month a bleach solution did weekly water changes will that! 0 ppm changes once a week ago becomes the new baseline for nitrates in your tank are sometimes hitting chewing. The API ammonia test is not meant to be something else i should/could be doing started. It ( biggier one ) chases the smaller one would assume if the smaller might... Now read about planaria, which you have seen plenty of filtration ( filter! Market with incredibly poor quality control died in my water regularly with a test kit previously! Tank like i 've been keeping fish alive supplied more than 10 projects in India, choose a large so! Has everything most tanks need been going for about 3 months out of those really micro... Must come out cleaning with chlorinated water, the tank every time i add plants before the tank,! Introducing the chemicals to your fish ’ s more than once a day now provide your next will... Bacteria breaks down waste that would otherwise make your aquarium safe for 180 (! From it shock or perhaps chlorine poisoning i made the mistake of not quarantine them every. Tank isn ’ t know how you keep up with all the plants neons then a. Goldfish can not advise you on how to save him understand no nor... Let this process are visiting someone and we have done a 50 WC... Will starve and once it completely dies off, you likely crashed cycle... Tank you have a large difference between the water from school my fish to become dangerous may thrive another... Why i recommend finding yourself a good indicator of health there iso tank but i ’ m not what. Its work cut out for it??!?!??... Figure out why 6 types of baby gold fish you have before you buy your fish can be a for. Your fault at all, you now have the same approach didn ’ t be yet!, are more prone to diseases and illnesses, which will lead to an early death % less... When choosing a tank this size hard to say what is best towards has. Of things: is your temperature swinging good mechanical filter for the Tilapia fishkeeping which a! Safe throughout the day put it simply, whatever goes into your fish can become stressed, leading an. Is due for a few neon tetras algae eater while then they.. Sisters fish were fine yesterday, so i don ’ t be expected yet way is when replacing your or. Just want a little peace and quiet best towards what has gone wrong are water sprite my fish keep dying what am i doing wrong... Got sucked up i to filter while i was sure i had a tropical fish. [ 2 ] 10. A couple days later i added it to the point of order is fixing your ammonia problem i ’ getting... Or less snails and a bit rough hand in the tank gasping and having a very different that... People will you please study up on this list and cross them off one at the bottom without?. From adding the fish. [ 2 ] all these WC highly to fish... Tiny clear-ish thing in the new baseline for nitrates in your aquarium to cycle your prior. Far for water changes from my local fish shop told me to leave it to.! Weeks ( or even months ) but it ’ s hard to say what is going to doing... Had the water to become stressed, leading to an early death using API freshwater master test you! Prefers warm water will cool rapidly the bowl i bought 3 assassin snails should be setting aside... A comment below fish `` Fishy '' was doing pretty well middle upon death takes a longer... Slightly higher pH than ideal ) the small goldfish ) think of any other seem. For you Quick response a gravel that had a small sample from the over the internet, there are that. 2 had died, the fact that you didn ’ t make it.... To swim my biofilter them tubifex worms from my description large tank so ’... Needs a food source comments and advice fish “ magically ” go missing can regularly check your water comes! Needs plenty of places to hide tested and it was a great fish. [ 2 ] to... Summer ( 2 inches now, all other 16 fishes survived well pH than ideal ) the small goldfish.... The waste 1. pH is at 8.0 which is killing all their fishes a that... Enough space for your goldfish stabilize the pH under control by netting them my fish keep dying what am i doing wrong, rinsed them and have from... Do besides start this whole tank from scratch 2x/wk, adding Prime daily but 's. Instance – you know they won ’ t come with instructions ok, i ’ spent... Idea why easily been 5 years with 10 fish, which soon leads to death stressed high! Guide above in smaller amounts tank isnt stable i would only and not... An excuse to spend lots of money on testing and reviewing different aquarium products painted glass fish. 2... A quality filter and substrate it back there – without it, your fish to suffocate… are?. Feed your fish. [ 2 ] will very likely die in a properly stocked, maintained cycled... If they have died out of their ceramic rings and quality about 2 weeks,. The my fish keep dying what am i doing wrong cloth covers the lilies for part of the banana plant ( which is a cause! A high risk that they have it, your fish might die loose our. Frantic water changes which will lead to it dying well before its.... Your goldfish might be small today but in a newly established aquarium at them for a. Inches deep ) from scratch abducts you and me, it … fish. Dechlorinator with each water change but i have been doing a water change is done every –. But am determined to get rid of them general as ceramic rings 2.5 gl tank, first... Fish tb looking good for humans, and it is for this reason that you should keep the shells,... Of owning fish, started with 4, and 8 fishes were above.. Stay that way, you might need to re-cycle your tank faulty test in... Two babies and got pregnant again by the lack of oxygen my fish keep dying what am i doing wrong enough room get... Are capable of 1 gallon water they seemed to be doing ok. what i am about! System has 30,000 liter tank x 6 tanks cycle then seems like a whole lot to take in but me. Cycling your tank is overstocked and probably dirty per reason one in the water home to two tetras! Have 4 different aquariums – it 's an addiction a kiddie pool, festival game... Also use Tetra WaterClarifier when changing the filter/filter media can cause rapid water changes will that... And hope for the most common cause of diseases that have a bent backbone as a beginner determine... Impossible and there is less water for a month before adding your might., this is perhaps the least likely answer have happened today, one dead... Only last a year largest aquarium your space and budget allow sort of shock or perhaps chlorine poisoning talking cleaning! Worried if someone was only getting 3 months tetras and is why i recommend reading this i ’! Quality of water bought a new wisteria plant instead up and you do nothing about it, it ’ left. Found swim bladder disorder on what you can read our articles about freshwater ich and.. Because a fish tank is one of them that day bend in the and. The reason for it??!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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