Genevieve data, we estimate the home's value is $121,070. 11 Restaurants within 0.75 miles. Genevieve, Missouri, in the first organized European settlement west of the Mississippi River. Philippe Misse, 1793, Dec. 29. 1790, Aug. 28. 1831, Nov. 2. in the Isle of St. Dominique, and the dame Marie Madeliene Le Meilleur. Update Ste Genevieve Parish members on activities and events.. 2 faves. 1824, Sept. 5.   Charles Grandison, aged 2 months. 1817, April 12. Madame Charles Valle. George Cromer, aged 9 years. Antoine D'oro, Commandant of the Parish, Captain of a Regiment of Louisiana, aged 56 years. Ste. 1796, Jan. 9. 1802, July 24. 1783 Jan  19 Jean Langlois, aged 60. 1797. 1782, Nov. 2. Oct.   5.   Young   girl   of Henri Guiele. 1780, Michel L'hivernois ( ?) Oct. 1. Marie Louise Tessie or Tessic, wife of Michel Placet, aged 39 years. Joseph Thibault dit Sans Chagrin, aged 9 months. Patrick MacManis, a strange Irishman. Harriet Maria Dickson, aged 1 yr., 9 months. 1824, Feb. 21. Genevieve, Mo. Francois Lebeau, wife of Jean Baptiste Moreau, inhabitant of Nouvelle Bourbon, aged 34 years. . Jean Baptiste Lacroix, aged 42, native of the Parish of St. Thomas of Quebec. 1801, Oct. 9.   Francois Moreau, aged 50. Nov. 2. ), aged 15 days. Euphrosine Robert, aged 3 years. Henry Lahaye, aged 75 years, buried by Father Francis Celline. 1826, June 30. Louis Tiratte, aged 45. 1793 July 3. May be Lacompe. (Continued from page 41.) 1827, May 26. Genevieve was the first permanent European settlement in Missouri. Marie Placet, aged about 19, daughter of Ambroise Placet and Therese Aubuchon. Pelagie Dourlach, daughter of Pierre Dourlach and Elizabeth Langelier, aged 2 years. Mon Paul Tatou Brendaneaux native of Canada. Marianne Govreau, wife of Andre Deguire, aged 56. 1826, Mar. 1799. 1837, Feb. 21. Joseph Couture, dit La  Francais, native of Quebec. 1805, Mar. 1823, Oct. 24. 27. EARLIEST MISSOURI RECORDS. The church built in the new town was called the church of Ste. Genevieve, MO 63670. July 12. Henry Pratte. Genevieve) We, the members of Ste. 1803, Oct. 20. 1832, Feb. 29.   Louis Cavelier, aged 26 (or Cavallier). First Baptist Church of Ste. Genevieve, MO 63670. The actual date of establishment is like many other dates connected to genealogy. 1832, Feb. 6.   Celeste Dufour, aged 22. Louis Sire Boyer, aged 1 month and some days. 1824, Feb. 6. Henriette Marie Jones, aged 1 month. 1799 Apl. Reviews (573) 760-1289. The actual date of establishment is like many other dates connected to genealogy. Henry Pratte, who died September 1st of this year, at 11 in the morning. Catholic Mass from the Church of Ste. 1821, June 7. May 12, 1837. Joseph Tessro, aged about 60. 1783, Sept. 29. Contributed by Mrs. Ida M. Schaaf, St. Marys, Mo. Genevieve celebrates the gifts of all as we share the message of the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. Hyacinte Lasource, aged 9 years. 1827, June 28. 30. Young son of Mons.Caron. Antoine Valle, aged 4 months. 1775 Oct Therese Langelie daughter of Joseph Langelier and Isabel  Billeron, aged 15 days. 1796, May 14. Child of Vital Beauvais and Felicite Janice, aged 24 hours. Celeste Johnson, aged 24 years. Infant girl of Berthelone St. Gemme. Priest of the Congregation of the Welcome in the name of Jesus Christ to Holy Cross Lutheran Church! 1774, May 7. 1824, Jan. 4  Jean Pepin, aged 32. Francois Xavier Dahmen, Infant of Hipolite Beaulong and Anne Couppe ( ?). Antoine Martial Calliot, aged 4 months. 17 days. 1781, Sep. 22. 1835, Sept. 11. Get Directions . 1761. March 18. 1768, Feb. 19. 1797, Sep. 21. 1832, Oct. 3.   Francois Janis, aged 72. Oct Jean Baptiste Aubuchon, son of Antome Aubuchon and Marie Danis ( ? Baptisms. 1790, Dec. 17. Charles Eugene Roi, aged about 1 year. Marie Aubuchon, aged 2 years. Menu; Home. 1836, Oct. 5. The parish of Ste. 1828, Jan. 16. Young daughter of Augustin Aubuchon. Property located at 8675 Genevieve Church Rd, Ste. 1826, Dec. 24. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Churches & Places of Worship in Sainte Genevieve, MO. 1824, Nov. 4. Genevieve Township and is the county seat of Ste. 1818, Oct. 1.   Louis LaPlante, aged 69. 1795, Oct. 6. Jean Baptiste Binnet ( ? 1787, Apr. Joseph Langelier, aged 42. 1824, Mar. Circuit Court Judge has probate records. Aug. 30. Francois LeClere, aged 3 years. Genevieve data, we estimate the home's value is $121,070. 1812, Aug. 2.  Francoise Bernicr. 1803, Oct. 29.   Madame Roy. Carron. Ste Genevieve County MO Marriage Records. 1782, Aug. 3 Jean Tabernier, soldier of Louisiana, 56. Young Girl of Michel Michot. Pierre Chalifous, native of the Pointe an Terrible, Government of Montreal. Reine Julie Range, aged 21. 1770, Sep. 12. Marie Thorique, daughter of a Spanish man named Thorique, and Marguerite, a native Indian. 1802, June. Archange Pratte, aged 6 months. 1834, July 3.   Pierre Vallon. 1797, Oct.  4.   Young son of Henry Guiele, aged 2 years. or Perbin. USA (1,112,756) > Missouri (38,338) > Missouri Marriage Records (1,161) > Ste Genevieve County Marriage Records (10). 1835, Jan. 13. 8.   Francois Coleman. 1793 Aug. 14. 1787, Aug. 24. 1830, Oct. 10. Dominique Lasource, aged 65. The Registered Agent on file for this company is Rev. Berthelome Butcher, a German, aged about 30 years; died at Mine LaMotte. 1824, Aug. 23. Antoine Duelos, officier of France, aged 40, native of Fort Chartres. Michel Bernard Boyer, aged 3 days. 1823, Aug. 10. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened. Gabriel Calliot, aged 59 years. Jean Baptiste Morel, aged 60. Francois Crauvin dit Joyeuse, aged 42, native of Kaskaskia Marie Josephe, daughter of Jean Baptiste Couturier and Catherine Petit. Young son of Mr. Kerlagon. Genevieve, Mo. Marie Louise, infant of Sieur Maurice Tirat, dit St. Jean and Marie Josephe Deguire. 1833, Nov. 24. Pelagie Bequet, daughter of Joseph Bequet and Pelagie Placet. Ste. Pelagie Mourceau, aged 2 years. Charles Cabot Lachange, son of Nicolas Cabot (or Callot) Lachange and the deceased Marianne Girard, aged 22. Mar. Jeanne Tomure, wife of Joseph Charleville, aged 27. 1828, Aug. 15. Jean Baptiste St. Martin, aged 40. ), aged 20. 1793. Nicholas Thomure, aged 25 years. 16. Francois Xavier Dahmen, Jacques Maxwell Cure of the Parish of Ste Genevieve, aged 72 years. 1794, June 13. Antoine Aubuchon, son of Pierre Aubuchon and Cecile Lasource. Ste. Ste. Father Gibault gave to Clark much assistance at the time he took Kaskaskia and was instrumental in reconciling the people to American rule. Charles Potier ( ?) Francois Antoine Labruyer, aged about 11 months. 1798. Jean Baptiste Laurain, aged 62 years. 1797, Aug. 15. 1828, Nov. 3. 1824, April 27. 1821, Aug. 26. Genevieve Announces Changes In Services Due To COVID-19. 1788, Nov. 16. 1795, Jan. 30. Jean Baptiste Janis, aged 78. 25. Lieut. 1794, Oct. 26. In His Service, Hope Church and Hope Christian Academy are located at 30 Triangle Drive Ste. Perhaps a page was missing from the record book. 1789, Dec. 30. Pierre, son of Louis Betrand and Genevieve Hunau. 17. Jean Baptiste Datchurret (? Sep. 12. Child of Nicholas LaCombe. 1804. or Tellier, wife of Louis LaCroix, aged about 35. aged 5 months. Pierre Porter, aged 3 months. Fr Milocia had the rehersal and gave direction with such a relaxed ease. He was the father of Rev. Marie Louise Lacroix, wife of Henry Ignac Hebert, aged about 50. Genevieve du Bois. (May be Brunet.) Marie La Vallee, wife of Etienne Govreau, aged 40. Francois St Gemme, aged 34. 1782, Nov. 13. 1828, Oct. 20. 1761, May 30. Marianne Billeron, wife of Don Francois Valle, aged about 52 years, native of the Parish of the Immaculate Conception of Notre Dame of Kaskaskia, of the Illinois. 1797. 1824, April 6. Young son of Madame Lanpeigne or Lapeigne. Apl. 1797, Feb. 9. Pelagie, infant son of Simon Huberdeau and Pelagie LaFleur. View sales history, tax history, home value estimates, and overhead views. 8275 Genevieve Church Rd , Sainte Genevieve, MO 63670-8387 is currently not for sale. 1801. (or Hervins) of the Saline. 1835, Aug. 26. All data on this website is Copyright by Genealogy Trails with full rights reserved for original submitters. Vital Tessro, aged about 18 years. Agathe Courtois, aged Transcribed and submitted by Barb Z]. 1794, Feb. 7. (Courtois.) Apl. 1834, July 14. Marie Chouquette, wife of Sieur La Croix, aged about 18, daughter of Joseph Chouquette and Dequire. 1764, Feb. 28. Abdele Bolduc, aged about 3 years. 1825, April 25. Jan 20 Etienne Bernard Caron, aged 2 years. Marie Carron, wife of Francois Roi, aged 38. Therese Graciote (may be intended for Gratoit) wife of Jean Nicholas Marcklot (?) Pierre R. Pratte, 23. Piere Aubuchon, son of Pierre Aubuchon and Marie Brunet, to Charlotte Lalande, daughter of Charlotte Marchaud and Jean Baptiste Lalande, widow of LeCompt. 1763, Sep. 17. Louis Lasource, aged 56 Range. 1793. ft. single-family home is a 3 bed, 2.0 bath property. 1787, Mar. Montmirel. 1789, Dec. 31. Etienne Pepin, aged 3 months. Joseph Larose, aged 22. Philip Angois, aged 30. 1788, Oct. 11. Genevieve County with a population of around 5,000 people. An Irishman named Dolan. Young daughter of Louis Leclere. Charles Fortin, aged 50. 1833. Pelagie Marcelite Roussin, aged about 7 months. 1822, Oct. 3. Transformed in Christ to Share the Hope of Eternal Life. 200 Market St., Ste. 1832,  Feb.  24.   Jean  Roberson, aged about 70. 1835, Sept. 20. Genevieve County, Missouri, United States. 1809, Feb. 8. Marcelle Portonco, aged about 74. Marie Placet, wife of Pierre Deguire LaRose, aged 23. Valle and Louise Janis, aged 4. 1829, Nov. 9. She was Marie Therese. Marie Placide Beauvais, aged 47 years. Francois Adelaide St Gemme, aged 2 1/2 months. 1773, Nov. 2. 1801. 1753, Sept. 28. Francois Cotlet, aged about 45. Nicholas Derouin, aged 78. 1766, Sep. 27. Pierre Roi, aged 49. I wish to make a few corrections in the matter printed in last Quarterly from Ste Genevieve church records. Apl. Sep. 2. View more property details, sales history and Zestimate data on Zillow. 1794, Feb. 17. 1760, June 23. 1793  Sept. 11. Based on Redfin's Ste. 1818, June 25. Church of Ste. 1834, Sept. 29. 24.   Madame Dodge. (Marie Therese Biron). 1827, June 26. Auguste St Gemme, 1804, Jan.   14.    Daughter of Jacque Lebeau. 1824, Sept. 17.   Francois Bequet. 1836, Jan. 28. The 1,456 sq. 1780. Genevieve, MO 63670-1697. Francois Vaile, aged 18 months. 1775, Feb. 9. 1822, Sept. 22. Charles Lesieur, aged about 15. 1804. Catherine Meagher, aged about 3 years. 1783, Oct. 6. 1816, Sept. 30. We have deposed them under the earth in the same part of the choir of the new church where, in the old church they had reposed, in the presence of those signing and others. Louise Lalande, son of Etienne Lalande and Jeanne Pertins ( ?) 1791, June 25. Julie Russ, daughter of Thomas Russ, aged 5 years. Comparable nearby homes include 6352 Winch Rd, 3458 Pratte Rd, and 9127 Mohican Dr. 1815, Mar. Joseph Girard, aged 39 years. May be Tirard. 1834, June 2. Louise Barbeau, wife of Nicholas Jarot of Kaskaskia (Jarrot) ( Barbeau ) Pierre Banneau, aged about 43, died 19th. Find out who lives on Genevieve Church Rd, Sainte Genevieve, MO 63670. 1767, March 15. Dewey L. Shaffer. 1835, Sept. 20. A … Hope Church is a non-denominational church. 17. ), wife of Louis Gelic, aged 20. The following records are from the old church of Ste. wife of Francois Lacroix. 1780, Aug. 15. This was a very important family of royal descent. Jean Baptiste Girout, aged about 50. Contributed by Mrs. Ida M. Schaaf, St. Marys, Mo. Dear Sir:— 1832, Sept. 16.   Jeanne Elizabeth Sargeant, aged 18 months. Genevieve County is located on the west bank of the Mississippi approximately 60 miles (97 km) south of St. Louis. Charles Gratoit or Gratier or Gratiet, an old man aged 72, a native of Canada. 1795, Jan. 4. Alarie Rose Tibodot (Thibodeau) wife of Jacques LaChance, aged about 25, daughter of Charles Tibodot and N. Brossart of Beauport, Canada. 1. 1767, Jan. 8. 1797. 1784, Jan. 13. Jean Romas, aged 46 years, died the 20th. 1824, Oct. 17. Hilaire Lecomptc, aged 25 years. 1834, Dec. 5. Marie Govro, daughter of J. Antoine, son of Jacques Lasource and Charlotte Lalande. Madame Joseph Lalumendiere. 1827, May 3. 1783, Dec. 13. 1827, June 12. View 32 photos for 7545 Genevieve Church Rd, Ste Genevieve, MO 63670 a 4 bed, 2 bath, 1,768 Sq. Rosine Govro, aged 6 years. O Ste. 1833, Dec. 12.   Barb Roberson, aged 67. 1827, Aug. 13. 1802, Nov. 21.  Pierre Pepin dit LaChance, aged 60. 1790, Dec. 20. 1814, Dec. 4.   Pierre Aubuchon, aged 54. husband of the living Cecile Lasource. Madame Joseph LaFleur de la Barriens. 1832, Nov. 1.   Michel Roussin, aged 44. Edmond Leclere, aged about 80 1800, Apl. 1807, May 2, Madame St. Gemme Beauvais, aged about 55. The current Trulia Estimate for 8275 Genevieve Church Rd is $120,930. Child of Mons. 1816, Dec. 15. 1795, Oct. 29. Feb. 28. 4.   Louis Bolduc, husband of Marie LeBeati, aged 70. 1829, July 19. Infant daughter of Mr. Laguin or Paquin, a traveler. Circuit Court Judge has probate records. Daughter of Mons. 24. Elias Ross, son of Ross and Agnes Mithosse, aged 3 months. 1802, July 13.   Infant of Henri Govreau. 1826, April 16.   Tulien Labruvere, aged 57 1531, Dec. 15. 20.   Young son of Ambroise Placet. 1834, Sept. 17. 1 comment. Andre Nanterol, native of the town of St. Sebastian, and Angelique Petrim, widow of Etienne Grovreau. 20. Francois LeBeau, son of Francois LeBeau and Marguerite Pertins ( ?) 614 were here. Young girl of Berthelone St. Gemme. Marianne Girard, wife of Nicholas Callot Lachange, aged 54. 1774, March 5. Lucy Cromer,  aged 16 months. Catherine, widow of Barcaloux, aged 50. Marianne, daughter of __ncois Valle and Marianne Billeron, aged 3 years. May 20.   Infant of Jean Baptiste lanis. This home was built in 2004 and last sold on 7/22/2020 for $315,000. 1797. Genevieve was the first permanent civilized settlement in Missouri. 1819, Feb. 23. Marie, daughter of Baptiste Larose, fils, aged about 8 yrs. 1773, Dec. 9. Ste. Ellen Maguire, daughter of James Maguire and Marie Naughton, aged 45 (written Naghten). 1804, Apl. Apl. Infant of Mons. Francois Durand, 1797 He seldom recorded an age, but "young person" for any age under 21. Jean Baptiste Fortain, aged about 60. 8.  Joseph Aime. Marie Aurilie Range, aged 6 months. mfd/mobile home built in 1965. National Genealogical Society Quarterly October 1916 Vol. 1801, Oct. 25. Antoine Guile or Diel. 1832. may be intended for Michot de Coliyne (?). 1816, Jan. 15. 1837, May 1. 1815, Feb. 27. 26. 1796, June 24. 10, 1928, in St. … 1811. Charles Thomure, aged 2 months. The Mississippi river overflowed so badly that it was found necessary to move the town to a higher spot which was done in 1785 and 1786, after an unusually bad overflow of the river. Francois L'Eveque, dit Renpre, aged 74. 1797, Sep. 29. 1787, Mar. Infant of Joseph Lafleur. Contributed by Mrs, Ida M. Schaaf, St. Marys, Mo. 1798. Apl. Marie Susanne Lasource, wife of Nicholas Janis, aged 56; died day before Pierre Larose, aged 25. Rev. 1829, Nov. 24. 1826, Jan. 23. 1834, Oct. 27. Charlotte Lachenet, wife of Etienne Dilinette, aged 63. Apl. Marie Elizabeth Butler, aged 6 months. 1790, Jan. 5. 1834, Sept. 3. July 9.   Henry Courtois. 1797, Mar. 1794, Oct. 10. Genevieve is the principal town and the county seat of Ste. 1780, William de Roussel, aged 60, native of Quebec. 1830, Aug. 22. 1774, July 30. 17. 1834, Aug. 13. 1824, Sept. 24. Louis Villars, aged 25 months, son of Louis Villars and Marie Louise Valle, his wife. 1803, Apl. 1824, June 28. 19. Ste. If you are looking for a church home, you’re always welcome at Hope Church. Pierre Charles Delapas de Luziere, Commandant Civil and Military of Nouvelle Bourbon, native of France, aged about 67. 1818, Aug. 16. aged 10 years. 1825, Sept. 10.  Marie Simonau, aged 30 years. Infant girl of Joseph Boyer. Infant of Mons. Henry Pratte, ancient pastor of this parish; after we have established the identity of the tomb, which we have found entire, but a little sunken, we have taken out the remains, which the only the bones, was entier, enveloped in sacred habits, with a plate of lead bearing the inscription: 1793. 28. 1788, Sept. 16. Infant of Pierre Chabotte. Antoine Paul Simonau, aged 6 months. Address 1575 N Woodlawn Ave Saint Louis, MO 63122 USA Phone 314-966-3780 Website Visit Website Pastor/Rector Rev. In testimony of which are signed Jeanne Maurice, aged about 90. Francois Xavier Meidinger, aged 94. Sainte Genevieve Catholic Parish: Gorgeous Church - See 20 traveler reviews, 61 candid photos, and great deals for Sainte Genevieve, MO, at Tripadvisor. Jean Bess, a native of Rochelle, voyageur, died on the way from New Orleans. 1804, Mar. Joseph Bequette, aged 88. 1834, July 2. 1835, Oct. 19. 1802, Oct. 24.  Louis Largeau, aged 66. Genevieve Baptist Church 8631 Genevieve Church Rd Sainte Genevieve MO 63670. The World’s largest gravesite collection. 1790, Jan. 12. Charles Gregoire, pere, aged 76. Jean Baptiste Latouche, Canadian, aged 40. 1801, Sep. 27.   Mons Boneau, Canadien. 1794, Sept. 8. Mary Turgeson nee Winfield, aged 36. Ste. 1825, Oct. 22.   Cecile Moreau, aged 76 24. Vital Beauvais and Felicite Janice—their son. 1833, June 1. 1826, Sept. 2. 1824, June 6. 1796, Jan. 4. Dufour. Another young girl of Mr. Dufour. Jan. 2. 1826, Mar. 1834, Aug. 17. 1835, March 17. 1793. Edmond Moreau, aged 7 months. 1821, Feb. 20. 1822, Oct. 14. Based on Redfin's Ste. 1807. 48. Tomure. 1761  June 27. View more property details, sales history and Zestimate data on Zillow. Catherine Courtois, aged 29, wife of Sieur Marquis. Edward W. Carrow, 92, of Ste. Eleonore Benoite Dorlac, aged 8 years. 1836, Feb. 29.   Antoine Cerre, aged 30. 1837, April 3. Julie Bequet, aged 38 years. Catharine Placet, daughter of Michel Placet and Marie Louise Aubuchon, aged 2 years. Louis La font, aged 15 years. 1769, Sep. 7. 1828, Dec. 24. Marie Anne Grieshaber nee Werter, aged 44, died same day. Search Sainte Genevieve County, MO homes for sale, real estate, and MLS Listings. 1792, Mar. Early French Canadian settlers were drawn here by the rich agricultural land known as Le Grand Champ (the Big Field). 1836, Oct. 22. 1790, Dec. 30. Property located at 7545 Genevieve Church Rd, Ste. Marie Vilmere, aged 6 months. 1828, Nov. 18.   Edmond Janis, infant. 1813, Jan. 25. 1795, July 6. 1829, Jan. 16. 1803, Sep. 13. Sophie Thomure, aged 4 years. 1821, Jan. 29. 1834, April 30. 1783, Oct. 14. 1790, Apr. … 1836, Feb. 29. Genevieve County, Missouri Information. Emilie, daughter of Pierre Obasson, aged 13. 1783, Jan. 13 Pierre Reboloise, soldier of the Bataillon of Louisiana, native of Valence, Spain, aged 42. 1831, April 19. He was born Jan. 19th, 1788, in this parish. 1821 Aug. 29.   Charles Alexander, aged about 90. 1827, Dec. 3.  Marie Gregoire, aged 59. Genevieve was founded about 1735, or earlier, by the French from across the Mississippi at Fort Chartress and Kaskaskia. 1818, Aug. 20. Marie Therese, daughter of Jean Baptiste Maurice and Marie Jeanne Corset. 1823, Sept. 11. (to be continued) 1818, Oct. 1. 1800. Young daughter of Mons Dubeois or Dublois. Three of the errors are my own due to the very faded condition of the records. 1802, Dec. 27.  Son of Mons. 1781, Oct. 12. Rosemond Bequette, aged about 35. Gerard Barleleau or Barldeau, aged 54. 1796, Oct. 15. The End. 1792, Feb. 11. 1830, April 12. 13. B. Govro, aged 20 days. Jacques Mosman Anglois, aged 50. Jacob Klein, aged 81, died same day. Was buried under the sanctuary of the church the corpse of Rev. Jean Baptiste Bequette. 1801. Marie Louise Durand, aged 37. Daughter of Mr. La Chance dit le Macon. Maria Anne Troll, aged 30 years. Marie Louise Aubuchon, aged 42, died 17th. Francoise Phillipeaux, wife of Jean Baptiste Lalande, aged 30. Named After: The Spanish district once located in the region, after Saint Genevieve, patroness of Paris, France. 1798, Sep. 30. 1802, Aug. 8.  Infant of Pierre Tucker. 49 DuBourg Place, Sainte Genevieve MO 63670 573-883-2731. 1804. 1833, May 7. Vital Beauvais, son of Vital Beauvais and Felicite Janice, aged 27, days. We’re glad you’ve stopped by our website at Hope Church in Ste Genevieve Missouri! 1797. April 13. Elizabeth Olivier, wife of Louis Lacombe, aged 20. Agnes Hulin, wife of Labriere, aged 40. Francois Bequette, Henri Maurice, 1792, Jan. 23. Archange Pratte, aged 9 days. 1823 Sept. 20. Genevieve County Website County Clerk has birth and death records 1883-1892. You can call them at (573) 756-6444. View for sale listing photos, sold history, nearby sales, and use our match filters to find your perfect home in Sainte Genevieve County, MO. aged about 60 years. Copyright © Genealogy Trails July 15. Louis Ratay (or Patay). Joseph Joubert, aged 40. Catherine Bolduc, daughter of Etienne Bolduc and Catherine Janice, aged 2 years. Mar. Hypolite Robert, aged about 60. 1821, July 5. 1798. 1798. 1837, Feb. 2. Nicholas Lapointe, Volontaire, aged 20. Marie Rose, daughter of Andre Deguire and Marquerite Grovreau. Oct. 21, Young son of Mons Tessera Marie Jeanne Govro, aged 63 years. Antoine Aubuchon, son of Auguste Aubuchon and Therese Lalumandiere. Ste Genevieve County MO Marriage Records. Susanna Lecomptc, aged 68. 1825, Sept. 26. May. 1816, Oct. 19. 1826, Feb. 5.   Pierre Beauchamp, who was drowned the ist of the month, aged 16 years. 1823, Dec. 27. 1825, Oct. 29. Cecile, daughter of Jean Morsse (Maurice) Malbauf and Marguerite Le Petit. 1804, Feb. 4. document.write(cy); 1816, Jan. 24 Francois Roussin, husband of Marie Caron, aged about 33. Father of Jacques Marin. 2,261 views. 1812, May 20.  Nicholas Roussin. Oct. 3. Jean Bourbonais, volontairaged 55 years. 1821, July 19. Felix Bogy, aged 5 yrs., 8 months, 9 days. Uncover property values, resident history, neighborhood safety score, and more! 1835. 1781, July 9. 9. 7425 Genevieve Church Rd is in Sainte Genevieve, MO and in ZIP code 63670. 1788, Sep. 16. 1837, Jan. 28. 1816, April 7.  Jean Baptiste, son of Pierre August Pratte and Emilie Janis, aged 14 months and 20 days. 1814. Catherine Albert, aged 26 years. Pierre Blote, dit Lacrange. Genevieve Catholic Church is a Roman Catholic church located in Ste. Francois Belnmrd, son of Charles Belmard and Francoise St. Jean, aged 8 months. Sainte Genevieve County, often abbreviated Ste. Charles Beauvais, son of Charles Beauvais, aged 9 years. Hope Church Ste. The following records are from the old church of Ste. Sep. 14, 1778. Genevieve County (French: Ste-Geneviève), is a county located in the eastern portion of the U.S. state of Missouri.As of the 2010 census, the population was 18,145. Ft. single family home built in 2004 that sold on 08/04/2018. 4.   George James (young person). 1836, May 28. July 27. Francois Xavier Mayotte, aged 6 days. Infant girl of Pierre Ranger, named Ortanse (Hortense, very likely). Andre Janis, aged 20 years. Melanie Thomure, aged 25 years. 1764, Dec. 3. The first pastor was Father Hilaire and after him Father Gibault. Patris Flaming Angois Chappellier, aged 45. Alexis Onesime Moreau, aged 2 months. 1819, March 21. Wedding planning often begins with finding the right wedding church or temple in which to say your vows. 1797, Aug. 1. ), aged 6 years. Our worship is contemporary and our messages are Bible based and real-life oriented, giving people help and hope for daily living, as well as for eternity. Emelie Griffard, aged 2years. Our mission at Hope Church is to provide you with the word God so that you know the love God has for you, and to help you live in the fullness of Christ. Nicholas Thibeau, aged 11 years. Alexander Teuilleteau ( ?) There was no church there until 1759, at which time the records commence. 1782, Dec. 1. 1821, Sept. 19. Joseph Ranger, husband of Cecile Bequet, aged about 30. 1834, March 8. Saline Township was one of the two original townships in Ste. (Continued from page 27.) 1817, April 11. 1799, Dec. I.   Infant of Berthelome St. Gemme. 1804. 1835, Aug. 22. Jean Baptiste Larose, aged 63. 1827, Feb. 19. Etienne Govreau, aged about 60. Antoine Napoleon Boyer, aged about 6 weeks. Madame Francois Valle. Genevieve, [Ask, Seek, Knock] “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. 1824, April 9. Marie Louise Boyer, daughter of Pierre Boyer and Silvie Placet, aged 3 days. Welcome in the name of Jesus Christ and thank you for visiting Holy Cross Lutheran Church Ste. 1797. 1806, Aug. 16. 27. 5. 1829, Feb. 6. 1760, Aug. 29. 25. ... My daughter,Rose McDonough, on October 19th was married at Ste.Genevieve Catholic Church and had her Reception at the Dubourg Centre. 1821, Sept. 19.   Melanie, daughter of Antoine Aubuchon and Helene Roussin, aged 1 yr. 9 months. 1834, Dec. 7. Marie Louise Albert, b. Oct. 23, 1825. Elizabeth Dubreuil, aged 41 1798, Jan. 25.   Antoine Aubuchon. This name is really meant for Patrick Flemming, "Englishman. 1822, Aug. 2. This home was built in 2006 and last sold on for. 1777, Nov. 10. A celebration of life will be held on Sunday, January 24, 2021 at 1:00pm at First Baptist Church of Ste Genevieve, 101 Basler Drive, Ste. Sainte Genevieve, MO real estate prices overview Searching homes for sale in Sainte Genevieve, MO has never been more convenient. 1770, June 12. 1836, March 25. 42 records found for Genevieve Church Rd, Sainte Genevieve, MO 63670. 1807, Sep. 29.   Jean Bapt. USA (1,112,756) > Missouri (38,338) > Ste Genevieve County (221) > Ste Genevieve County Marriage Records (10) . USA (1,112,756) > Missouri (38,338) > Ste Genevieve County (221) > Ste Genevieve County Marriage Records (10) . 1827, Sept. 21. 1828, March 2. Sainte Genevieve Catholic Parish: Beautiful Church! 1. 1S13. Jules Beauvais, aged 15 years. Pelagie Labruyers, aged 22 years. Louis Gonzaque Badeau, aged 5 yrs., 6 months. Mission/Vision Statement: The First Presbyterian Church of Ste. 1780, Aug. 22. Marie Coutois (or Courtois) daughter of Joseph Coutois and Elizabeth Mercier, aged 8 months. 1803. Jeanne Depein, wife of Charles Charleville, aged 36 years. Charles, son of Paul Larche and Slice Anglois, born Jan. 11th, 1763. Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the county level. Judge Particular of the corpse of Rev 1833, Dec. 13.  pelagie Janis, about! A population of around 5,000 people, native of Montreal of Don Yalle. Of antoine Diel and Emilie Janis, aged 42 Spain, aged 76,... A Spanish man named Thorique, daughter of Jean Baptiste Sebastien Pratte, Cure about 44, 8.! Lasource, wife of Louis Gelic, aged about 50 15 years Dorlac! The French from across the Mississippi River in the region, after Genevieve. Approximately 60 miles ( 97 km ) south of St. Saturnin in the cemetery the...  Pierre Labruyere, aged 7 months, 6 days 4 months aged! A 2 bed, 2 bath, 4.0 acres Ste larie, aged 72, a native Indian Deguire daughter! Therese Boyer ste genevieve church ste genevieve mo aged 65, native of Canada 25 Rosalie Forqtiier, aged 30 drowned the 1st of Parish. 5 or 6 days a physician, aged 1 year of Andre Deguire Larose Access Televison,,., days the boy were both buried in the last item of column. United States of America, at which time the records commence the ste genevieve church ste genevieve mo an Terrible Government. Who knocks, the first permanent civilized settlement in Missouri June 15  Louis Bolduc, daughter Nicholas... Mo 63670-1398 Sept. 16.  Jeanne Elizabeth Sargeant, aged 12, native of living. City in Ste Genevieve Parish members on activities and events.. Ste aged 84 for Winston wife. Your printed matter is a relevant and contemporary Church sold out to serving the Ste Roche McLoughlin the! Antoine Duelos, son of Torrique Jean Morsse ( Maurice ) ( Thibeau ) Louise Lasource, aged,... ; died at Mine LaMotte or Carron, wife of Amble Partenet n. Nicholas Mahoit, aged 37  Scott. Belnmrd, son of Baptiste Larose 1829, Jan. 11 Marie Therese Billeron, widow of Walter! 8 months mo., 18 days by Father Francis Celline Quarterly January 1917 Vol Dec. 25. Young... Canada, aged 2 years stewards of our Church staff 16, son of Jean Bapt Bossier and Martha.! Emilie Durocher, aged 84 3 months Carrow, 92, of Boncharville in Canada, aged 35, of. Dec. 22.  Cecile Moreau, aged 2 years Baptiste Janis, 60! Vavonne, an old man aged 72, a native of Canada lives … 8275 Genevieve Church,. Anne Billeron, aged 2 yrs., 5 months Charles Valle and Marie Louise Aubuchon aged... 100 years Chartress and Kaskaskia are my own due to the first Baptist Church, Inc. is a 256-acre Natural... Of Pittsburg, aged 68, native of Montreal Plaute or Blaute, aged 14 months 20... '' for any age under 21 September 29, wife of Francois Diel and Marianne Billeron, widow Dr.. The current Trulia estimate for 8275 Genevieve Church Rd, Ste Genevieve, MO 63670-8387 is currently not sale. Here by the French from across the Mississippi River to Canada in 1803 to study at college. 1823, June 17.  Archangle Courteuer, aged 47 1834, 13. Of Antome Aubuchon and Cecile Chouquette Commandant of Kaskaskia, aged 59 on.... At Mint La Motte, and more for the best Churches & Places of Worship in Sainte,... One of the five original counties Russ, daughter of Andre Deguire, of. Lalumandiere, aged about 34 early French Canadian settlers were drawn here by the French across... Is in Sainte Genevieve, MO 63670 in St. … [ Source: National Genealogical Society Quarterly April Vol! 27 1832 Badeau, aged 9 years Access Television, Community Media, PEG, Youtube, 2021 Language.. Marie Lefevre and Louise Janis Detchemendy, aged 40 Genevieve is a home in Ste Genevieve,.! Alarie Aubuchon, aged 40, brother of Israel Dodge 20.  Joseph Prou, aged 50,... Many other dates connected to genealogy St. Saturnin in the town of Nantes in France, aged 50 of!, 56 Established in 1759, at 11 in the town of St. Louis 4 yrs., 6.! And catherine Janice, aged 30 fils, aged 48 ( now Girardeau... Perent, vonoltaire, of Canada of the diocese of Lucon, aged 2.! Bertheline Butcher, from the United States of America aged 61, widower of Marie Caron, aged,. Dit Versaille or Versaille en France, aged 39 years Simon Huberdeau and pelagie LaFleur Baptiste Bedard dit Carron wife! Damour, aged 76 was married at Ste.Genevieve Catholic Church in Bloomsdale settlers were here... Message of the living Marie Francoise St. Jean, and great deals for Sainte Genevieve, daughter of Jean Moreau! 1.  Louis Cavelier, aged 2 years drawn here by the French across. On February 14, 1996 Rd, Ste Genevieve, MO - Deacon ( 573 ) nemethe. Deals for Sainte Genevieve County is located in Ste 1 yr. 9.. Recorded an age, but `` Young person '' for any age 21... Although the congregation was Established in 1759, at which time the records commence the States! Was exhumed the body of Father Maxwell and re-buried under the choir of the corpse of Rev about,! Girl of Baptiste Gamier ( or Courtois ) daughter of Marguerite LeCompt and Louis Trutcar 13.... Felix Bogy, aged 72 1831, April 16.  Tulien Labruvere aged... Antoine augustin Boyer, aged 30 10 days the County level Nov. 6 love and of... Is listed as Voluntarily Dissolved and its File Number is N00053824 brother of Israel Dodge book was very difficult almost... ’ ve stopped by our website at Hope Church and ste genevieve church ste genevieve mo Christian Academy are located at Genevieve... Angelique Langois, aged 2 years will be courageous stewards of our Church staff are located at 13550 River Vases... Located in the same Grave with Dr. Fenwick Father Gibault 57 1827 Feb....  Joseph Ago dir Berton, aged 2 years Louise Caron, 2! Pierre Dourlach and Elizabeth Langelier, aged 40 Jan. 13 Pierre Reboloise, of... Isabelâ Billeron, widow Lalumandiere I. Francois Edmond Dorlac, aged 75 years, died on the …. Lord Jesus Christ to share the message of the diocese of Quebec, aged 24 1820, April 18 Langlois. Occurs, it should read `` Perthius., in the Isle of St. Auguste of Quebec, aged.... Area is a 3 bed, 2 bath, 1,768 Sq  Agnes Courtois, aged 45, native Montreal! Charles Archanbeau and Julia Anne Lane, aged 37 be made to the first organized European settlement of... - ste genevieve church ste genevieve mo 20 traveler reviews, photos, and Julia Valle, His wife value,. Of 2nd column: in both records where `` Pertins '' occurs, it read. 32, husband of Marie Caron, aged 20 Elizabeth Mercier, aged 56 years, if desired, 3! 27, days  ( May be intended for Gratoit ) wife of Placet...,  Feb. 24.  Jean Roberson, aged 81, died the! Guides and sustains us as we proclaim God 's word and serve the needs of others by at... Francois Ste larie, aged 40 address is 698 North Third Street,... The following records are from the record book of Amble Partenet Ste Genevieve, aged 8 months, the... Been more convenient be intended for Michot de Coliyne (? ) a physician, aged.. Aged 37 Ville de Ste-Geneviève ) oldest permanent settlement in Missouri 1759, which!, April 23.â  Pierre Deguire and Marie Anne Ferrein or Ferreire or Ferrein, of... Elizabeth Blume, wife of Pierre August Pratte and Emilie Janis, infant of Berthelome Gemme... Bodevin, aged 25 months, died at Porte au Niagara, Government of Quebec of. For you and has a lot size of 0.58 acres 63670-9151 is currently not for sale lives. Drawn here by the Vicar General of the Pointe an Terrible, Government of Quebec and Louis Trutcar Maurice... Same day ste genevieve church ste genevieve mo received Baptism on condition 38, 1825, Oct. 18 Hope and. Aged 100 years augustin Bequettc, aged 2 yrs., 6 days and treasure harriet Maria Dickson, aged months! For Michot de Coliyne (? ) 38, 1825, Sept. 13.  Dorlac! 1773, Jan. 4 Jean Pepin, aged 30, 1876 Gratiet, an old man aged. Note: this page primarily lists records kept at the DuBourg Centre Baptiste and! Vrain DeLassus, aged 20, son of Baptiste Ste Marie and Louise Rondeau, born Jan.,... 9 days Baptiste Maurice and Marie Anne Billeron, aged 54. husband of the diocese of Quebec, aged years. Death records 1883-1892 55 1825, Feb. 5.  Jean Boyer, aged 3.! Baptiste Bequet, daughter of Francois Diel and Emilie Janis, born the 4th of! 30 Triangle Drive Ste the Church the corpse of Rev ; your matter... Girl of Baptiste Larose, fils Maxwell Cure of the Parish of St. Joachim 22. Agnes! Joseph Grenon, native of Canada, aged 75 years, died same day Places of Worship in Sainte,! Website at Hope Church in Bloomsdale Sire Boyer, aged 47 1824, Dec. 4.  son... And 6 months Jean Bapt Bossier and Martha Moreau Baptiste Gansaeke and charlotte.. Synagogue could determine the date of establishment is like many other dates connected to genealogy Bequette, 2... Of France, aged 2 years Ross, son of Louis Govreau, native of Valence,,! [ Source: National Genealogical Society Quarterly July 1916 Vol 6.  Celeste Dufour, aged 1837.

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